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Trust is the Killer App

Broadly, the term killer app means: "a feature or component that in itself makes something worth having or using." In a networked age, unless you're a very large organization or group, and can control a whole ecosystem for digital rights management, trust is the killer app. It's like saying that trust makes networks more valuable and worth using. This idea has been around pretty much since people began thinking about networks. It also makes sense in non-technology-based networks like groups of people, friendships and relationships among family and significant others.

What frameworks do we have to help encourage and practice trust in a networked age? We'd like you to consider proximity thinking, a framework which includes the ProxThink growth model. Both proxri and ProxMonitors are parts of that growth model. The growth model was born on a network, in response to the realities of networks. Plus, the growth model is built on top of the very general proximity thinking framework, where things like networks, contexts, environments, communities and neighborhoods can be the proximities, or parts of the proximities, of situations.

What if some people abuse the proxri approach? We trust that eventually they'll get tired of it. Relating to other people, allowing some variety, and considering circumstances is just a more interesting, invigorating way to live.

Will some people be long-term abusers, or perhaps just incapable of relating to others, or allowing some variety, or considering circumstances? Maybe. Will we put up with them? Well, humanity has probably often done that to some extent, haven't we?

Will proxri and the ProxThink growth model catch on? Who knows. But it seems like things that create options, connect people, allow variety, produce variety, and are enjoyable, tend to become self-reinforcing.

If this approach has potential, will there be a learning curve and gradual adoption? Most likely.

We hope you'll try it in some way.


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