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About Us

Artsflex provides access to downloadable and sharable arts, usually via links from arts creators' blogs or websites that end here at Artsflex. With Artsflex:

  1. We're not forcing you to pay for the arts available via Artsflex. We just ask you to pay something when you join to prove you can reward later (see number 2 below). After that, you can download all the arts you want. If you check Auto Sign-In, downloads start immediately when you click a link. The arts you might find here include visual art, music, photography, poetry, writing, design, film, video and other kinds of works.
  2. The people involved in getting you arts files include the arts creators, and the people who helped you obtain the arts files and become aware of the arts creators. We are asking you to reward these people in ways that make sense based on your enjoyment and benefits, your circumstances, and their circumstances. These kinds of rewards are called proxri, and may include money, things, services, relationships, actions, and so on, as well as a combination of these. Find more details on the proxri page.
  3. We are saying you can share the files provided you make other people aware they are also expected to reward in similar ways (like number 2 above). We'll make it easy for you to let people you share with know and do this. Find more details on the proxri page.

The arts, and especially downloadable and sharable arts, are a bit like food and drink. The arts can be very important to life, but sometimes they may be an acquired taste. You might not like them at first, but later think they're amazing. You also may have phases of liking something and then moving on. Luckily, you can easily sample a wide variety of arts that are downloadable and sharable. So instead of paying for every single arts file, without knowing how much you'll like it, or if it will or won't grow on you, why not reward based on your benefits and related circumstances, with proxri? If you're not already a member, join here!

Don't forget, one of your benefits is the ability to easily sample a wide variety of arts, so please proxri both individual arts creators and Artsflex for the benefit of easy sampling!

Artsflex was started by David Loughry to use some approaches he developed in creating proximity thinking. These approaches are also at work in a related project called Artsdown.

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