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If you're not sure what a ProxMonitor is, see this short intro.

Artsflex was started by me, David Loughry. Currently, I also develop and run it. So, for now, until there are more people involved, a proxri for Artsflex is essentially a proxri for me. So here's a little more about my circumstances:

I'm an artist as well as the creator of proximity thinking (ProxThink for short). It seems to me that we can do better when it comes to the arts available in our networked world. In the creation of the ProxThink website, I developed some new approaches that seemed like they could work with the arts. I'm exploring those approaches with this Artsflex project, and also the Artsdown project. Proximity thinking is the result of decades of work, and I'm deeply in debt because of it and still struggling financially. I'm also working on several other ProxThink-related projects (varietypeople and a sustainable proximities approach), to make proximity thinking more understandable, useable, common and widespread.

I'll admit, this Artsflex project is a bit of an experiment. I wonder if it might be one of those things that don't seem like they should work, but do. My hope for Artsflex is that, at the least, we get enough proxri to stay in operation. At best, it could become what I call a sustainable proximity. Both Artsflex and Artsdown could change the way people think about and experience the arts. The arts could become a bigger part of life, with people changing the arts in their lives as frequently as music is changed now, and in the process expanding possibilities for arts creators.

You can proxri Artsflex here.

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